Saturday, April 12, 2014

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Friday, April 11, 2014


 I had an idea for a mouse pattern right before I went on our trip.  I had just finished up all my orders and wasn't planning to work on anything else until we returned from our trip.  So I drew up the body pattern and sewed it up.  I wasn't happy with the head and pitched the prototype in the garbage can.  At the last minute I decided to stuff it in a drawerI took it back out and set it on my craft table.  While away, one night I dreamed about the mouse and got another idea.  I was going to keep it and continue working on it.  It was originally going to be a country mouse.  Once I got the face stitched, he ( it's definitely a 'he' ) had an expression that to me, looked like 'attitude'.  So the plan was to make him a mouse 'dude' with 'tude'.  I had an idea to make a certain type of hat for him but once I got it made, it looked like 'something else', so my mousie got another change, lol.  This time it's permanent, although my 'tude' mouse might still be in the works.

Let me introduce Sheriff Rupert Thibideau.  He's a French mouse from Texas whose ancestors date back to the 1600's.    Rupert's surname is derived from the French personal name Theobald meaning bold or brave.  An ancestor on his mother's side was said to have been a Constabulary in France under King Francis I.  Thus, Rupert was destined to become an official protector and keeper of peace between mice and cats. 

 Sheriff Rupert will soon become an e-pattern.



 We got home from our trip to St. Charles, IL on Sunday.  Had such a great time.  We antiqued at a few of our favorite places along the way.  We also went to the Kane County Fairgrounds last Saturday for their first flea market of the season.

I have a 'small collection' of jugs

 and picked up this bluish gray stoneware jug with ducks to add to it.  I don't know anything about it and there are no markings on it but I was sure the vendor was going to ask at 'least' $40 for it and when he said "$10" it was MINE, lol

I bought  this candle stick with the idea of adding a real bird's nest on top and filling it with speckled eggs.  Paid $1
 I also bought 10 of these cute little candle holders that clamp to a tree branch, and tea lites fit into them.  I put one in that I have on hand, but need to buy 10.  Hope to find some that flicker and are 'timers'.


Thursday, March 20, 2014


 Just in time for Easter!  
Head on over to my selling blog KKL Primitives to download your free 'revised' Prim Fabric Easter Eggs e-pattern.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


You can now purchase my epattern for these adorable whimsical kitties on Patternmart.

Whimsical and Primitive Kitties

Whimsical and Primitive Kitties

These were fun kitties to make. The polka dot kitties are favorites of my granddaughters.
One ...

Price: US$6.00

Click for details


Sunday, March 16, 2014


 When granddaughters Ayden & Bella saw my Whimsical Kitty from my previous post, they each wanted one too, in polka dots!  I will be using these along with the blue floral kitty on my e-pattern cover.  I am also going to make a 'prim' whimsical kitty for the cover as well.

Happy St. Patty's Day ~ tomorrow!  
I made corned beef and cabbage in my crock pot today for dinner.  We loved the flavor of the cabbage and potatoes but neither Tom nor I were 'crazy' about the beef brisket.  It's the first time we've ever eaten it, so maybe it's something you acquire a taste for?  I cooked it on HIGH for 8 hrs. so it was pretty tender.  We have another one in the freezer ( they were on sale! ) so I will be making it again.

I like to watch Once Upon A Time and The Walking Dead on Sunday nights.  I wanted to watch the 2 new shows Believe and Resurrection and wouldn't you know, they are both on the same time as Walking Dead.  Good thing we have On Demand!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


  It's been quite a while since I've created a new E-pattern.  I finished up a whimsical kitty today, but want to make at least 2 more to put on the cover before I release it.
I want to make 2 more 'different' fabric kitty's - possibly one in felt/wool with some embroidery on the pocket.  Once those are finished, I will make the pattern cover.  I already have the PDF file ready.
I also have a bunny pattern in the works.  I'd forgotten how much work it is to make up a pattern :/

Crazy March weather!!  Yesterday the high was near 70 degrees.  I was out in the front yard  playing ball with my 7 yr. old granddaughter  wearing capris, sleeveless top and flip flops!
Today the high this morning was 58 and dropping all day, with rain showers. Tomorrow morning the temp is 8 degrees! Tom went out to check the truck doors an hour ago ( they were frozen) because on days like tomorrow, he drives the grand kids to school/bus stops.

If anyone is interested, I've added some more free graphics to my FREE graphics page.


Wednesday, March 05, 2014


 My younger sister Deb lives out in Las Vegas and has gotten very attached to her friend's young granddaughter Destiny.  Deb has 3 grandsons but they live across the country and she never gets to see them except for random photos on Face Book.  Little Destiny has become her 'adopted' granddaughter.  Deb asked me to make a Rag dolly for Destiny and this is what I made for her.  I think she turned out cute and Deb loves the doll.  :)
I have to mention that both my daughter and eldest granddaughter Jordyn ( 14 ) asked if I was making curtains when the saw the dress laid out on my table.  I was pinning down the ruffled bottom.  It did look like a curtain valance when laid out straight! haha

 I'm still awaiting a response from the business owner I filed a BBB complaint with. 
 I did receive a letter in the mail today that the text of my complaint and the response from the business owner will be publicly posted on the BBB website.  The owner has until March 12th to respond.  I have a feeling she is just going to ignore it like she has everything else.

On a happier note ~~~~ My 14 year old Compaq computer, Windows ME crashed on me 2 weeks ago.  I was NOT happy about THAT because the only thing I could actually use it for was my Paint Shop Pro (PSP) program and Animation Shop.  I originally started out with the Anniversary edition of PSP7, upgraded to 8, then 9.  I purchased XI a few years ago but when Windows stopped updating ME I couldn't download that program - it wasn't compatible.  Four years ago, my son-in-law gifted me with a HP Windows Vista notebook.  Unfortunately the pc did NOT come with a CD/DVD  drive.  Couldn't install PSP XI on it but wasn't worried about it since I was still able to use the old computer for my graphic projects.  UNTIL IT DIED that is.....  Luckily I had purchased an external hard drive for my notebook a few weeks ago and another of my son-in-laws uploaded PSP XI and Animation Shop on a flash drive and transferred it to my computer.  I transferred those files to my external hard drive and was able to install the programs on that - so NOW I have PSP again!!!  I am so excited! 
This is the first new thing I made on it - a flyer for my craft business.  A local woman from Duquesne University School of Law contacted me through Etsy.  She is collecting items from local Pittsburgh area artists/crafters for a charity event she is hosting in April.  I am going to donate one of my Easter bunny dolls and she said to include business cards or flyers that she can display with my item/s.  Gives me some 'advertising' and possible new customers.  I am out of business cards at the moment but thought I'd make a flyer.  What do you think?
Now to see how much this is going to cost me to have them printed up. :/   If it gets me new customers, will be worth it.