Saturday, September 20, 2014


I'm having a giveaway on my selling blog.  Click on the link above to see how to win this Grumpy Punkin.
You can enter, beginning NOW, signups end Oct. 3rd at midnight EST and winner will be announced Oct. 4th.  I will be using an online number generator to automatically choose the winner.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


 Just listed this cutie here
The can is a large sized tomato sauce can that I had hubby primer for me and then I painted it and 'grubbied' it up some and added a pumpkin label.
There are 8 various sized pumpkins, the larger ones have leaves and they all have curly Q
tendrils.  I inserted some preserved Sweet Annie as well as Spanish moss.

I did start on the fabric acorns with 'real' acorn caps.  The pattern I had was really way too large for the caps I found in the park yesterday, luckily the designer gives permission to resize.  This is all I have finished so far.
My fingers are too big for a project this small, lol.  
Hubby drove me to a local park yesterday afternoon where I knew they had some Oak trees.  Not a whole lot of acorns have fallen yet.  Took me about 20 minutes to pick up the ones that weren't broken up and then I started to get really nauseous and a headache.  I took what I had gathered back to our truck and Tom started up the engine.  I told him to hang on, I still wanted to gather some sticks for some snowman projects.  After 5 minutes, I was ready to leave.  I felt so sick.  Tom says he believed it was from all the bending over, standing up, bending over....blood rushing to head, not enough oxygen.  I hoped he was right because I really felt bad.  We headed home and I laid on the couch with the fan on for about a half an hour.  I felt much better by then, so I guess he was right.  I was worried that I got that bad virus that is going around.  By dinner time I was feeling pretty good so we went out for hot wings & Yuenglings and then to Tom's sister's house for cake and ice cream, as it was her husband's 70th birthday. 
Tomorrow, I plan to work on at least one more Autumn project and maybe some more acorns.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


 I'm debating on whether to add some German glass glitter, but other than that the snowmen are finished.



 This was a special request for a repeat customer.  I am really loving how they are turning out.

I think I will have to also make these for my selling blog.  It's a pattern by Hickety Pickety.

I still have at least three more Autumn projects I want to do before I start concentrating on Winter/Christmas.   I have a  Melting Witch pattern and Scaredy Crow patterns from Gracestone Village that are really cute!  And I want to make some fabric acorn fillers with real acorn tops.

I'm so thrilled that little Rami's finger has healed so nicely.   He occasionally puts his finger in his mouth ( which he never did before the accident) and I wonder if it bothers him or maybe feels 'weird' like the feeling is gone from the tip of it - possibly a severed nerve?  He certainly can't tell us, but I do wonder.  He will be a year old on the 26th.  I helped his mom to get him off the bottle and he's on whole milk now, drinking from a sippy cup.  He doesn't even seem to miss the bottle.  It was about time anyway, as he kept chewing on the rubber nipple and sooner or later he was going to get a face full of milk once that nipple broke.
He took his first 3 steps a few days ago.  I have a feeling he will be running by his birthday.  I never saw a baby crawl as fast as he does.  He doesn't crawl on both knees.  One knee only and uses the other leg/foot to push himself. 


Friday, September 12, 2014


This is Freya's Pumpkin Patch.
Freya is my own design.  She's a whimsical folk art crow and loves dark bright colors.
Her 3 pumpkins are made of lightweight quilted fabrics.
Freya and her pumpkins are available for purchase on my selling blog

If you would like to make Freya yourself you can purchase my instant download e-pattern in my Etsy Shoppe here.

Also listed for sale are these VERY large pumpkins.  I actually listed them a few weeks ago but never got around to posting about them here.

I also made and listed a Sunflower & Daisy in a can

And last but not least, a 'fresh baked cinnamon loaf'

I have an order of snowmen to complete and then hope to make a few more Autumn items to sell before starting on Christmas items.

I am watching the 2 youngest grands today and tonight with a possible sleepover.
Mom and Dad are going to a 'barn wedding' this evening.  I hear they are the 'latest' things in wedding venues.  They went to one 2 weekends ago and it was beautiful decorated with white lights, mason jars and burlap bows.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 09, 2014


 My readers list hasn't shown up for days anyone else having this problem?


Saturday, September 06, 2014


 Rami has been driving us crazy the last 2 weeks, kept pulling his bandages off first with his teeth and then just yanking them off.  So worried he was going to hurt himself.  His little nail was turning black and lifting up from the nail bed.  Really looked gross, but the worry was that it would snag on something and be pulled off before it was ready to come off by itself.  I must have put 5 new bandages/wrappings on it yesterday until I ran out.  By evening the nail was just 'hanging by a few threads' so we decided to just let him crawl around and hope it would just fall off and that's exactly what it did.

This was the back of his finger after it was reattached.

Now, you cannot even tell it had been resewn, there is no scar.  I tried to take a pic but he wouldn't hold still, lol.

This was his finger one week after the finger was reattached.  That also healed nicely except for the nail itself which turned black and really didn't resemble a nail anymore.

This is his finger now after the nail fell off.  There is still a piece of nail or skin hanging on, can't tell because he barely held still long enough to take this pic.  If it's skin, Carey will just leave it alone, but if it's a piece of nail she will clip it while he's asleep so it won't catch on anything.
Rami with my sister Donna who has been visiting the last 2 weeks.  Today is Donna's last day, she goes back to Indiana tomorrow and is very sad.  lol
We had a great time.


Thursday, August 28, 2014


 One week after Rami's accident, his cast was removed and a piece of gauze and a wrapping was wound around his finger to keep it clean and protected while he crawls.
This is what his finger looks like before they wrapped it.

The wrapping stayed on pretty good for about 3 days until Rami pulled at it with his teeth and loosened one end, pulling the wrapping completely off.  That night my other daughter Nicki and I were having a sleepover at his house and it was a BAD night.  Mommy (Carey) re-wrapped his finger, but it must have been too tight he began screaming.  I loosened the wrapping but the damage was already done and the screaming continued for at least a half an hour.  We gave him some infant tylenol and shortly afterwards he fell asleep.   This was at 10 pm.  He woke at 1:30 am and the screaming began again, for quite a while.  Between his mom, Aunt Nicki and me, we tried to soothe him but he wanted no part of any of us, he was in too much pain.  We were debating taking him back to the ER when the poor baby just cried himself to sleep.  He slept the rest of the night and the next morning he seemed himself again.  Since then, he has learned how to remove the wrapping by pulling with his teeth.  Carey tried re-wrapping but the wrapping was all stretched out by then and not holding at all.  She wrapped the finger in 3 large bandaids to keep it clean.  He's making us a nervous wreck because he keeps pulling those off!!!  And he pulls on the finger or tries to bite it!!!  After the 2nd pull of yesterday, Carey was out of bandaids.  Had to send my sister Donna over to one of Carey's neighbor's home to borrow some as we didn't have a car to go to the drugstore.  That one he left on until evening, when Carey brought us home to my house and then pulled that one off!  Carey is going to take him to the Dr. office where she works to have them wrap it for her today.  I can't believe they took the cast off after only one week, but I guess there was a reason for it. :(

Saturday, August 09, 2014

 My sweet 10 mo. old grandson, Rami, had a horrible accident yesterday.  He got his baby finger shut in a door resulting in a fracture and the tip was partially severed.  It happened on 'my watch', at my home and I'm just devastated.
Fortunately, the surgeons were able to save his finger and repair the damage.  He has a cast on, up to his wrist. 
I thought I would be ok in any crisis, but I found in this one, I was a hot mess.  How I wish it had been me instead of this precious baby boy.  To see and hear him in so much pain, with so much blood was just heart breaking. 
Since my own children were babies learning to crawl, toddlers opening doors, doors were a problem for me.  There were always tiny fingers accidentally getting hurt.  At the most, they required an antiseptic and band aid.   My worst fear was a tiny finger being severed, and 40 years later, it almost happened with a grandbaby.
I'm relieved to say that his Mom says he is doing well and crawling around as usual, the cast doesn't pose a problem.