Saturday, October 03, 2015

Thursday, September 03, 2015


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Sunday, August 30, 2015


 Wow, this summer sure has flown by!   I went along to the Wave Pool at Settlers Cabin Park with my daughters and grandkids 3 times this summer.   Other days I spent in our own pool doing what I like to do best - keep cool, read and enjoy a cocktail.
We did our annual 2 week family vacation at the end of July in Wildwood, NJ. 
I had gotten my hair cut a few days before we left for Wildwood.  My hair doesn't look a bit like the photo I showed my hairdresser and it's the SHORTEST my hair as EVER been.  She used a hair clipper on the sides and back and it was so short, you could see my scalp.  Worst haircut ever.  Thank goodness hair grows back and now it looks normal again, lol.
We spent a great deal of our days relaxing in the motel's pool.  We are a long block's walk from the beach.  I love to stand in the ocean and let the waves wash over me, but I'm not one for laying on the beach and can't wait to get all that sand off me.
That's me in the back with hubby's hat, hair was so short my scalp was burning.  Daughter Carey sitting in the back on the edge of the pool.  In front of me is daughter Nicki, step-grandson Brandon, his dad Chris ( daughter Deana's husband), Deana in front of Chris and her son Jonah.  In front of Brandon is Ayden ( Deana's youngest daughter) and Rami (Carey's son).  Next to Ayden is Carey's daughter Bella and next to her is Deana's oldest Jordyn.
Me, Tom holding Rami, Jordyn, Nicki, Deana, Chris, Brandon
front: Bella, Ayden and Jonah

They took an hour and went jet skiing.  Bobby (Nicki's boyfriend), Nicki, Deana, Jonah, Jordyn, Chris, step-grandsons Brandon and Christopher and in front, Ayden.
Spent a few hours in Cape May

Dad & daughters
 exhausted babies, lol

Two weeks after we got home from vacation, my younger brother Jim visited us from North Carolina.  We took one day and drove 'up' to Meadville, PA to visit our brother John.  We went to the Linesville Spillway to feed the carp and watch the ducks walk on the fish.
John, me, Jim

I've not done much crafting this summer other than to fill orders for my fabric flowers, but I hope to get started on some Fall/Halloween items this week, but I'm not going to go crazy since it's time to do Christmas items too.  I'm really behind.  
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Monday, June 29, 2015


 I was goofing off yesterday wondering what I was going to do with some hard cardboard cones I had lying around ( only had 6 ).   In previous years I used them to make rag trees but these ones were too small.   I saw where another blogger had made her own  poster board cones in different sizes and then wrapped them with fabric and made Christmas trees.  She decorated them with tinsel and beads.  Really cute.  But I'm not ready to make Christmas items yet, still working on Fall items.  Then I found some orange fabric pumpkins I made a couple years ago to hang on a Halloween tree.  They were the perfect size for heads for my cardboard cones.  I wrapped the cones with Fall colored fabric, but they didn't look like 'dresses'.  So I made some 'ruffles' and attached to the bottom of the cones.  Looked more like a 'dress' but still needed something more.  COLLARS!!  One just didn't seem like enough, unless it was long enough, because I wrapped twisted wire around the top for arms, and the collar hides where they've been wrapped/glued.  I added some eyes, nose and mouth to the pumpkins and some preserved moss around the stems and I had my pumpkin heads.  Still needed something else.  They needed to hold something.  PUMPKINS!  
The pumpkin doll on the right was my first one.  I like it, but I like the one on the left much better.  Her dress ruffles are fuller and I added some moss to the black pumpkin - and I'm going to do the same to the white pumpkin.
What do you think?

Saturday, June 27, 2015


 Click on the photo to enlarge to full size then save to your computer and print off.

The 'challenge' is that I am ONLY providing the template - no directions, no supply list.  You're on your own!   Create your mouse any way you like - but it must be a soft sculpture, not a painting or digital mouse.  Make it prim, whimsical, cutesy, ugly, scary, etc. 

 When finished, take a photo and send it to me at kkl primitives at verizon dot net.   I will then post all the results with your name and if you have your own blog include the web address in your email with photo.  
You have until Thursday July 24th to get your finished mouse photo back to me so I can post them before I leave for vacation.

This is what I did with mine.


Tuesday, June 02, 2015


 On April 12th, on our way home from a trip to Chicago we stopped at a rest stop 5 hours from home.  On our way back to our truck, I tripped over an uneven sidewalk and literally flew through the air, landing on my hands first, skidding across the sidewalk on hands and knees.  My left hand took the brunt of the fall and I was in extreme pain.  My palm turned  black and blue immediately and I couldn't move my fingers.  My wrist was swollen,  I couldn't even get up off the ground, Tom and a passerby had to help me get up.  Tom got some ice out of our cooler to put on my hand and even that was untolerable.  After 4 hours I was able to move my fingers somewhat but boy did I hurt.  Tom said I probably sprained my wrist, although I insisted even though I'd never had a broken bone before, that I bet I broke 'something'.   By the time we got home, the pain wasn't as severe anymore so I thought Tom might be right, a bad sprain.  The next day I borrowed a wrist splint from my grand daughter ( just happened to be for the left wrist) and wore that for a few days.  I was still able to use my hand to fix my hair and get some crafting done, so I was good to go.  Five weeks later, I was still swollen and still experiencing sharp pain if I moved my wrist too far to the right or too far to the left and I didn't have full mobility for bending it forward or backward.  I told Tom I REALLY thought I broke my wrist in at LEAST 2 places.  I had him drive me to Med Express for Xrays and it was confirmed that a piece of my ulna ( large arm bone on outer arm that extends from elbow to wrist) broke completely off and was healing over.  On the other side of my wrist was a noticeable 'bump' and it was recommended I see an orthopedic specialist.  I was able to get an appt. the next day and besides the broken off piece of ulna, I had a large fracture from the thumb side of my wrist to the center.  That was also healing over.  I was told my bones were 'nice and thick' ( that's good to know) and since they were healing ok, I wouldn't need a hand cast.  Some ligaments  were probably torn and take longer to heal.  It's been seven weeks now and I'm still in pain.    I can't lift anything heavy with my left hand and pretty limited with what I CAN do but since I can still fix my hair and craft  it's all good.

I have been wanting to make some prim sheep for a couple months now and finally got around to it.  This one is made of muslin and it's pulling a cart I made from a berry basket.
I'd never wool needle felted a sheep before, this is my first one and I liked doing it so will probably make some more. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015


 My grandson had his first follow up visit yesterday and thank God, his lesions are clearing up, slowly but surely.  His eye exam showed a few more lesions inside the eye but the corneas are still clear.  Medications continue and he has his 2nd follow up appt. on Wed. of this week.   He's been a trooper and jokes about being 'The Alligator Whisperer', lol.  Many thanks to all of you who have been saying healing prayers for Jonah.  :)

My youngest granddaughter Bella (5) just graduated from Preschool and they had an adorable program for the kids.  Here she is with Mom and Dad and little brother. Congratulations Bella!
Our middle granddaughter Ayden (8) has been playing softball for a few years now and this season she made the All Stars.  Congratulations Ayden!!
It seems we have a family of ALL STARS as both Ayden's brother Jonah (12)and sister Jordyn (15) have been chosen to play in the All Stars games in past years.  So proud of all of them.  :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

OCULAR HERPES VIRUS - you won't believe how he got it . . .

 My eldest daughter and her family took a trip to Disney World in Florida the end of April.
The day after they got home, my 12 year old grandson complained his left eye hurt and it was slightly swollen and had had seeped a clear liquid that crusted over into a yellowish color.

My daughter took him to an Urgent Care facility and they 'thought' it could be a spider bite but wasn't really sure.  There were signs posted all over the place at their resort to be careful of brown spiders.  So that was a logical speculation.
 They prescribed an antibiotic and steroid medications.  Six days later, on Mother's Day Jonah's eye wasn't any better, in fact it looked worse and was turning purple and seeping even more.  My youngest daughter pointed out that he had several small 'dotted circles' around the eye area and side of face.  You can see 3 on the side of his nose as well near the corner of his eye.

The next morning, those small circles turned into lesions and began to seep and crust over.  Notice how his eye is turning purple.

 Jonah's eye was constantly tearing up and his vision was blurry.  Yesterday his mom took him to their regular doctor and he had NO CLUE what was going on and sent them to a pediatric dermatologist specialist who works with Children's Hospital here in Pittsburgh.
They determined Jonah had contracted  Type 1 Herpes simplex virus.  So how did he get it?
They asked my daughter questions about what was different in the last week or so from any other day.  She told them they just got back from a trip to Disney World.  They wanted to know if Jonah had gone into the ocean.  Yes, once.  What else did they do there besides go to the park.  They went to Universal Studios.  No, that wasn't it.  What else did you do?  They went miniature golfing and there was a baby alligator there for picture taking.
Did you know that juvenile alligators carry the Type1 Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV1) ?   I didn't and neither did my daughter.  My son-in-law told Jonah to be sure to wash his hands as reptiles are known to carry a form of salmonella.  He did, but apparently not soon enough and must have touched his face without realizing it.  Did you know we touch our face at least once every 3 minutes without being aware of it?
   The pediatric specialist sent Jonah to an Ophthamologist who was in the same building as an emergency patient and was seen immediately.  His eyes were dilated and lesions were found on his lower eyelids and the whites of both eyes.  Thankfully no lesions appeared on his corneas, which would have been a problem.
The photo above was taken after he got to my house, his eyes are still dilated and weeping.  Poor little guy was so miserable and in pain.  He spent the night at my house because he's not going to school the rest of the week and I was needed to care for him with his meds in the morning because mom leaves for work at 4:30 am.  He has a liquid oral medicine that's an antiviral drug, eye drops and 2 different gels that have to be applied to the lesions outside of the eye.
This last photo was this morning.  The dark crusty part under his eyebrow has come off leaving a red 'raw' area.  He goes back to Children's Hospital on Friday for a followup.

Sadly, there is no cure for herpes (yet)  and Jonah will carry this virus in his body always.   There is a chance once this is cleared up after treatment, he could break out in his eyes again.  If that happens, he will be put on a special medication for the rest of his life.

**Adult alligators do not carry the virus and researchers have found that alligator blood serum destroys some human virus' such as HIV, Herpes Simplex, some fungal diseases and staph infection.  Scientists predict in the near future there will likely be a topical ointment for human use.**

Please think twice about letting your children/grandchildren handle baby/juvenile alligators.    That's not to say that all children will contract the virus, as my grandson's step brother age 16 also held the small gator and he did not have any problems.  Better safe than sorry.

Monday, May 11, 2015


 My newest cross stitched pear pillow tuck.
The very bottom has 2 gold stars and 1864, when Abe Lincoln read his Gettysburg Address.

Today is the day I really need to clean and reorganize my craft room before I get into any more projects.  I keep putting it off and it's only looking worse.  This is what's going to happen:  I will be 1/4 of the way into reorganizing and will find something I'd forgotten I had and will think to myself " I wanted to make a so and so with this..." and before you know it, I will be working on that so and so on the dining room table because my craft table is piled high with fabric, patterns, and what not, and because if I DON'T make that so and so, the supply I just found will go back into a drawer and forgotten once more.
Wish me luck on not procrastinating any longer on that nice clean organized craft room.