Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Candle Jar I Worked On Today

I think this turned out nicely. The jar is supposed to be a brown fleck - but in the photos it looks much lighter than it is. Almost looks white - but it is nutmeg brown. I had to learn how to 'float' my paint to finish it off - that would be where the brown 'outline' is, around the star shape cutout. Basically - the paint brush has extra water on it and when you apply the paint, flat brush down, it 'weeps' and spreads. I like the effect. I also applied the float effect to the bottom of the jar. The float effect DEFINITELY brought out the star - without it, it was really drab looking. Much thanks to my Prim Mart sister for sending me links on how to 'float' paint!

I have made 3 of these today - one has a heart cutout and the 3rd one still needs a candle and topper - will have to make a run to Pat Catan's tomorrow. One of these days I will learn and stock up on certain items that I tend to use alot - so I don't run out. :(

If these sell for me at the craft show on Saturday - I will be making some to put in my eBay Store.


  1. Thank you so much Donna - this is one of my favorite jars. My daughter wants to buy one to give to a friend for Christmas. :)