Friday, November 25, 2005


Welcome to my blog. This is another new venture for me. I've seen some very interesting blogs and thought - maybe I can do this! After all, I kept a diary when I was 13 - how hard can this be? lol
I've always enjoyed crafting but it wasn't until early Fall of this year that I decided to see if others were interested in anything I made...enough to purchase for themselves, or as gifts. My husband was instrumental in my deciding to try out craft shows. I am starting out on a small scale - by that I mean, doing local shows - such as schools, churches, etc. I've done 5 shows so far, with 2 more coming up - one tomorrow and one next Saturday. I'm learning which shows are profitable for me and which ones to avoid. I will no longer be doing craft shows that also advertise 'flea market' - big huge mistake on my part. I made a whooping $3.00 - my table cost me $20 so I was actually $17.00 in the hole by the end of the day. There are a few shows that I will definitely do - and if you are from the Western part of PA - and have done schools - you might agree with me - Bishop Canevin High School in Carnegie, Holy Trinity in Robinson, and SS. Simon & Jude in Greentree are on my 'thumbs up' list. My last show this season will be St. Margaret of Scotland in Greentree - and I hear it does pretty well. Will let you know. The one I'm doing tomorrow I don't expect much success from - but it may surprise me.
It's funny - some items I've made that I thought were really SUPER and that my daughters all loved.... didn't move. Things that I thought weren't great - sold. Everyone has their own tastes.
I personally am drawn more towards Country/Prim crafts. I just love them!
I'm learning which items I've made are better sellers than others - and cutting back on the ones that just 'sit'. I made a few Mason Jar Lamps - some sold and others didn't and what floors me - is I've seen some in antique stores that are half filled with marbles, and have a homespun bow attached to the lid/neck and have a price of $24.00 and up on them. I've used genuine antique mason jars (not the ones you can get for $1 at the craft store or hardware stores) filled them thoughtfully with layers of potpourri, excelsior moss or Spanish moss, my own dried sliced apples, oranges, lemons and the homespun - priced them at a reasonable $12 to $15...and they didn't move for a long time - until one woman customer exclaimed she loved one that I had made - bought it - and ordered another one to give as a gift for Christmas. ( see photo ) So I'm learning that everyone has different tastes, just because I like it - doesn't mean everyone will - and I need to have a variety of items - for a variety of people if I want them to sell.

I have hinted to my daughters that I would love a new sewing machine for Christmas. Not expensive - just one that does straight sewing is all I really care about, lol. I have 2 machines - one was my mom's - an old Morse with attachments but the rubber hose that turns the wheel broke, and I didn't have the book/manual to order a replacement part. I also have my mother-in-laws - which is a newer machine than my mom's - but it's old too - it does do zigzag stitching lol - but the tension isn't right - the stitches are too loose and I don't have the patience to sit there and fool around trying to adjust it. I also do not have the manual for this machine. I'm about 98% sure I will get a new one, lol - so have been searching for some free patterns for prim crafts to try my hand at.

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