Saturday, December 31, 2005

Fat Free Cinnamon Buns

Is your mouth watering yet? Tomorrow starts the New Year - 2006 - a time when many folks make the resolution of losing weight and getting into shape ( me included, but I am a big procrastinator and I admit it). With my Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Sugar Free cinnamon buns - you will never have to worry about getting chubby on these babies. They aren't real, ha ha. I handcraft these from coffee/vanilla and cinnamon stained muslin and the yummy looking white frosting is nothing but glue garnished with cinnamon. These are also scented with cinnamon oil/spray. Now, really - would you be tempted to eat these? No, of course not - so see, you've just saved yourself 500 calories! These make a really nice 'centerpiece' for your table. Set a few buns on a large plate, add a vanilla scented candle in the center and sprinkle some scented rosehips and cinnamon sticks around the buns. Or you could put a few of these buns on a plate and set on your stove - when the oven is turned on, the warmth will release the cinnamon smell even more.
These make nice little gifts as well - don't know what to get that person that seems to have everything? How about your child's teacher, dance instructor, Cubscout/Girlscout leader, a nice little 'thank you' gift.
I sell these - if you are interested - email me at for price list.

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