Tuesday, December 06, 2005

GrUbBy Candlesticks

These candles are fun to make and smell so wonderful ~ the only problem being that the smell does not last forever.... and the smell is not one that is 'bottled'. Of course there is cinnamon added - but I'm not at liberty to divulge the rest of the ingredients, since it is a © copyrighted recipe by a crafting friend of mine. I have sold a few of these at my craft shows and one on eBay recently - this one is currently listed. Once the aroma fades, you can always spritz with a cinnamon oil - but it just won't be the same original smell. I've glued a grubbied ( or is it grungied) fluted candle pan to the candle and glued some cinnamon scented rosehips - which again - after a time can have some cinnamon oil drops added to refresh the smell. I added a homespun bow and some berries. I've got 2 of these sitting on my china cabinet. I've made a couple of these using the battery operated candles - but the problem with those is that they aren't too consistant .....sometimes they will light, sometimes they won't. Very irritating - thought they would be nice for areas where there aren't any outlets.

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