Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Love Ewe / Project

This is something I started on last night. My first time making my own pattern - drew a rough outline on paper and using that as a pattern cut my sheep out - but ...I neglected to add LEGS so this is a handicapped sheep at the moment. It is also a bit larger than what I wanted it for so this is just a practice piece. Another mistake I made was not adding the darker fabric to the other side to make this a 2 sided sheep - so only half his/her face is dark and the other light - but at least it will have 2 ears! At the moment it only has one - I haven't sewn the 2nd one yet. This is all sewn by hand. When I've finished putting it together, I will Prim it up and add eyes. I am going to have to stock my bin with some buttons - so for the time being this sheep is also sightless. Poor thing.

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