Friday, December 09, 2005

My First Muslin Cinnabun

I finally finished my first cinnabun made from muslin. I don't have a working sewing machine yet, although I am getting one from my kids for Christmas :) , so this was stitched by hand. It was a bugger turning it inside out and stuffing it, it's not real big. I think it turned out cute...but still doesn't look like others I've seen. Maybe it's the icing... doesn't look thick and dribbly ( is that a word?) enough. I also didn't tea/coffee stain this... instead I rubbed ground cinnamon into the muslin after it was fashioned into a bun. I like the look - just don't know yet if it will 'keep'. It's not like anyone would throw it into the washing machine, right? lol That's one of my mill spool candleholders - I picked some spools up at an antique store for a decent price and wound white cording around the spool, attached a candle pan, homespun bow and rusty star.
It snowed last night - we got about 4-6 inches. The first major snowfall of the season. The salt trucks were through about an hour's a good day to stay inside and work on my buns and wrap some presents.

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  1. NeeNee, you need to get yourself a sewing machine. Glad to hear your kids are getting you one for Christmas. The cinnabun looks great. Nice job.