Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My New Brother. . .

Sewing machine that is!! My girls pulled through for me and pitched in and bought their ole mom a Brothers sewing machine! I had two old machines that were no longer working. The oldest was a Morse - belonged to my mom. It was made of metal, was blue and cream colored, and had a carrying case that was blue and white. It had oodles of attachments - all metal. The belt broke on it years ago and I was never able to find a replacement part for it. I got rid of it on Thursday - but pulled something in my back when I lifted it. I had forgotten how very heavy it was. This new machine weighs 15 lbs - so the Morse was at least double that, if not more. I'm having 'fun' playing with it - took me a few tries to get the bobbin threaded correctly. On the Morse, the lever for the zipper foot was directly behind the needle... so I'm practicing sewing a straight line and reach back to lift the lever up so I can pull the fabric out...and the foot fell off!!! aaaaagghh. Turns out the lever is to the 'right' of the needle - and I flipped the switch that releases the foot. I get out the manual to see how to get it back on and it took me half a dozen tries, lol. Every time I sew - my hand automatically goes to the back and I have to mentally smack my hand so I don't release that lever again. In the time it took me to hand sew one muslin sheep - I can sew and stuff 5.... so yes, I'm really enjoying my new Brother. Speaking of which - I have an order to fill, so I better get sewing!

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