Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Old Switcheroo

My husband's sister lives down the street from us. She invited us ( my husband and I and our girls and their families) all down for brunch and to exchange gifts - as she was leaving for California late this afternoon - to spend the Holidays with her husband and mother-in-law in Long Beach.
About 3 weeks ago, at a craft show I was doing - my youngest daughter (24) spotted a Prada purse that another vendor was selling ($40) and just HAD to have it. So of course I bought it for her to put away for Christmas. I should note that I hadn't gotten around to wrapping it yet. Last week, my husband and I went shopping and I picked out a purse for his sister ($15 ). Didn't get around to wrapping that yet either, until this morning.
We had a nice brunch of egg casserole, bacon, biscuits with sausage gravy, danish and Southwestern fried potatoes. I enjoyed a couple glasses of spiked eggnog - afterall it was brunch, not breakfast. ;)
It was time to open the gifts ~ my sister-in-law gave me a candle - sugar cookie - and a bottle of lotion from Bath & Body Works....all 3 of my girls got a bottle of the Eggnog Liquor. My SIL opens her gift and she is wide eyed and says 'OH MY GOD I love this!!!' My eldest daughter says 'Mom did you buy two of those?' and I replied 'no.........' My youngest daughter shrieked.... 'THAT'S MY PURSE'.....
LOLOLOL I guess you've probably figured out that I mistakenly grabbed the wrong purse to wrap... it all worked out ok - my SIL graciously returned it to me and I walked back down to my house to get the correct purse and it turns out she likes that one even better.


  1. Nice blog. I clicked "next blog" on mine because I wanted to see who was next. They shuffle the blogs around all of the time and I just wanted to know who was sitting next to me this time.