Thursday, January 26, 2006

Crows In Love Nest~Nodder

I thought this turned out pretty cute. It was a little tougher to make than I originally thought it would be. First I needed a base for the nest and found an unused candle pan in one of my craft drawers. Figured I would hot glue that on the coiled spring, but that didn't work, the glue popped right off. I ran some clear wood glue around the top of the spring and stuck the candle pan on and then ran more glue around the edges to make it secure.
I then used florist's moss to form a nest and glued that into the pan. I had a few wood egg shapes and painted those a bluish green and while still wet, sprinkled cinnamon on it in blotches. Crows eggs are a bluish green color and mottled with brown. I looked it up.
I added some mica for shine. I glued these into the nest and then shaping more moss with my hands, hot glued the shapes around the base of the pan to make a fuller nest.
I glued the 'daddy' crow onto the top of one egg, and his body to the side of the nest, securing him. Now the problem was balancing the nodder because it wanted to topple over. I had to find the right position for the 'mommy' crow and as it turned out, it was right next to him, and I had to maneuver her body so that it looks like they are cuddling. I like that. The daddy crow has a rusty star hanging from his beak and I've nestled a barnred stained heart into the spring. Crows In Love.

Crow pattern by Threadbare Primitives.

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