Friday, January 06, 2006

Crow's Nest Make-Do

As you can see, I really, really love this crow pattern ( Threadbare Primitives). I just recently found out what make-do's are....which is nothing more than crafts attached to make-do stands! Simple! So why didn't I figure that out myself? lol
Make-do stands can be coiled springs - like the one I've used. They can be candleholders, spindles, just about anything that is free standing and would make a great perch. You attach your craft either by gluing or sewing onto the stand. I made a round muslin form, stuffed it, stained it, baked it, and sewed it onto my spring to give a base for my nest. The nest is moss - which is glued around the crow. I also twisted some red, gold and navy pip berry stems through the coil spring. Finally - I added a stained prim tag that reads 'Crows Gather Here'.

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