Thursday, January 19, 2006

Home Made Potpourri Part 3

It took me all of the next day and most of the following day to finish drying all the petals. They lose some of their vibrant color during the drying ( I keep the temp on warm and leave the oven door open slightly). I also have a dehydrator and that was filled as well - with 7 trays. I love my dehydrator but it seems to take longer than the oven. The Pro is that the colors stay truer. You can see how they look in the cello bag in the photo. I've sold a few of these unscented bags in my eBay store - but the majority of the potpourri I do scent and take to my craft shows.
When my husband got home from work, the first thing he did was look in the living room. He was really relieved to see the flowers gone. He said the house smelled like a mortuary and it made him uncomfortable. I promised the next time that I would cut the flowers outdoors. LOL ;P
I had given Mr. M. my phone number and he promised to call me when he had more flowers for me. It was several weeks later, and I took over a bag of scented potpourri as a little thank you gift. Mrs. M. was there and accepted the gift and said it smelled wonderful.
The third time I received a call, once again I took another bag of potpourri - a different scent and Mrs. M. said I was spoiling her. She said she had put the other potpourri in the restroom downstairs ( the funeral home part - they live upstairs) and she said I would be surprised how many people asked where she got the potpourri. She said next time I came over I should bring some business cards. I was so excited. I had recently had cards made up but they hadn't arrived in the mail yet. This was right after Thanksgiving. I remember that because as promised, I took the flowers apart out in the driveway. It wasn't too cold that night, my sister-in-law and her friend and her husband were taking their nightly walk with the friend's two dogs, and stopped to say hello while I was cutting flowers. It was dark out already, since it got dark at 5:00 pm or so, so I wasn't concerned about neighbors wondering what the heck I was doing. The next day was garbage pick up day, so I left the remains in the pots/stands on the curb.
I got chewed out the next day by my husband for not putting them behind the car - but I thought I was saving him some extra steps. Hmph!
That evening my next door neighbor called ( I knew someone would sooner or later ) as she wondered if there had been a death in the family and why I hadn't called her. I explained where I got them and why. She laughed. She said she was going to tease my hubby about the poor light up deer in our front yard who didn't have any ears or antlers - she was going to ask him if the flowers were for the deer. ( He bought it at a flea market this past summer for a couple bucks and when I mentioned no antlers, he said it was a female, doe. When I said does had ears at least...he said 'what do you want for a couple bucks?? It's a dog then.) So we have the only light up dog on the street. I had a craft show at St. Margarets of Scotland in Greentree on Dec. 3rd. Another neighbor's two daughters stopped by my table and asked if there had been a death in the family. I guess they saw the un-flowered plants before garbage pickup.
I got my fourth call last night about 7:00 pm. Woo hoo - more flowers! I didn't have any more scented potpourri to take to Mrs. M. so instead I wrapped up one of my muslin cinnabuns, with cinnamon scented rosehips, added some business cards and took that over. Mr. M. left the door ajar for me so I could go right in. It didn't take too long to cart the flowers out and load up my car but no one came out so I just left the bag on the floor by the door so someone would see it when they came in to lock up. I got home by 7:30 and decided to hold off on deflowering the plants until today because my shows were coming on soon - Americal Idol and then Lost - I don't miss those for anything if I can help it! Besides, it was freezing!!! brrrr
Today was really nice, I ended up taking my coat off I was too warm. My grandson was riding his little scooter in the driveway while I was cutting flowers, and blowing me kisses ( he's 2 1/2 ) and was just enjoying being outdoors for a change. I did the flowers behind the car since it was daylight but my neighbor on the other side saw me, lol and wondered if there had been a death in the family.
I forgot to mention the other reason......the MAIN reason I took the flowers outside - hubby wasn't instrumental like he thinks lol. I wasn't thinking when I took all the flowers inside that the pots were filled with water and my grandaughter accidentally bumped into one spilling the contents all over the carpet. It took forever to soak up and dry. Not to mention I had a huge mess with stray petals on the carpet - and dummy me was pulling out all the stems - which also pulled out that green block of florist's sponge - which comes out in chunks when it's wet. I had black garbage bags filled with stems, ferns, fillers. THAT'S WHY it really took me 4 hours. ;P Now I just cut the flowers off the stems and leave everything intact - just put the entire piece out front - let the garbage men toss it in the back of the truck, less mess, less work for me. I also remembered to dump out the water BEFORE setting the plants in my trunk too.
So now I have flowers in the oven, flowers in my dehydrator and a bucket and a basket full of flowers to dry. I should have a nice basket of scented potpourri for my Feb. 4th craft show.
I'll be at the Holy Trinity School/Church in Robinson Twnshp. If you are from this area - come visit me! I'll be the one with the good smelling potpourri.


  1. Quite a story with the potpouri! Keep up the good work! Laura

  2. Oh my gosh Denise I have been laughing my butt off about this story!! I can just see you in my mind!! OMG that is so like something that would happen to me!! Just hilarious!! XOXO Love Fran