Thursday, January 19, 2006

Home Made Potpourri

A good friend of my sister-in-law used to work at a flower shop and once a week the owner would allow the employees to take home flowers that they couldn't sell - usually they only had one or two days left in them.
She would share the flowers with my sister-in-law and a few times when there was really alot - I would get some :) For a while there, we were getting red roses. After 2 days the petals were falling off, but they still smelled so nice I wanted to be able to preserve them so I spread the petals out on a cookie sheet and slid them in my oven on 'warm' until they were nice and dry. They still smelled wonderful and I had a nice little baggie full. The following week we got more leftover flowers - only a few roses but some white carnations and mums this time - in nice bright Fall colors... so I dried these as well and put them in the baggie too. The colors were bright and pretty... and I had some cinnamon rosehips that I tossed in as well. I displayed the potpourri in cut glass dishes and put them on tables in the dining room and living room and anyone who came in the house mentioned how nice they smelled. I thought I would make a big batch to take to my craft shows, I was getting really excited now.
My sil's friend decided to quit her job at the flower shop. I had no 'supplier' now and was pretty disappointed. My husband jokingly told me to go to the dumpster at the local cemetery and get some discarded flowers. I laughed. Yeah, right.
I got on the phone and started calling some florists to see what they did with the flowers that they couldn't sell. They all donated them to hospitals or Meals On Wheels. One florist, after explaining to him why I was looking for flowers, suggested I visit the cemetery's trash bins.
My last stop was at a local flower wholesalers. They told me that any flowers they couldn't sell to shops, they sold to street vendors. ( So folks - those flowers that you buy from the people sitting on a street corner aren't selling fresh flowers - they only have one or two days of life left in them!) It was suggested I visit a cemetery. There was that 'C' word - 3 times now. I wasn't laughing anymore. Tune in, in the morning for the end of this story - I'm pooped and going to bed now.

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