Friday, January 20, 2006

More Flowers

I got a phone call early this afternoon from Mr. M. from the Funeral Home - he had some more flowers for me, almost triple the amount from a couple days ago. I really thought I would need to make two trips at the very least but we managed to get all the flowers in my car. The trunk was filled and it didn't matter if the flowers got crushed - because I'm taking them apart anyway. The backseat and floor were filled, as was the front seat and floor. Lots of roses today - reds, pinks, yellows. Some orange tulips, and lots of lilies. Tons of white asters. A really nice variety. By the time I got all the flowers cut off - I had 4 buckets full. My grandkids were here and were having a ball - they wanted the bows and some flowers to 'decorate' the trike with. It has a little basket attached to the front - so my grandaughter made a nice bouquet, complete with baby's breath ( which I had planned to dry) and covered the trike in multi colored bows. Like a mini float.
The temp was in the upper 50's today, so was a good day to stay outdoors - I was busy with the flowers and the kids got to run off some of that excess energy that I wish I had a fraction of. It took me about 3 hours including cleanup of the car and driveway.
I really like Mr. and Mrs. M. they are very nice people and it turns out that one of Mrs. M's brothers is married to a first cousin of mine. The world gets smaller all the time.

I was busy this evening sewing up another rabbit for a nodder. I just have to sew the arms on, and sew it to the coiled spring, then dress it - the dress and apron are finished. I want the bunny to be holding some carrots in a little basket - maybe. Haven't made up my mind yet. I have stars stuffed, ready to be stained and popped in the oven, and baskets all over the table with items in them for the show... and there's not nearly as much stuff as I thought there was so I really have to hussle. And it's not getting done with me sitting here, I'll post a pic of the nodder tomorrow sometime.

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  1. NeeNee, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts on the potpourri and flowers adventures. As I was reading about this I could picture all of this happening to you. Too funny. What a process.