Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Prim Cat & Ragballs

The cat is from a pattern I made myself ~ the tail allows the cat to stand freely by itself. I've coffee, vanilla and cinnamon stained the cat several times to give it a grungy look. The nose is a satin stitch, button eyes & I've added a wire collar with 2 rusty bells and coiled the ends ( idea from Threadbare Primitives ). I will make some also with homespun bows around the neck. The ragballs have also been 'grungied up' and scented with a cinnamon/vanilla linen spray. These would be cute in a little basket sitting on a mantle, on a fireplace hearth, or on a desk/end table. I will be adding this cat to my eBay store to see how it goes before I start making too many. For folks who aren't into prim at all - I'll be making calico cats and rag balls.
Of course, my grandaughter wants a cat too - to be a companion for the raggedy doll I made her over the weekend.
She decided to name the doll 'Ginger'. I think that's really cute!

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