Friday, January 13, 2006

Raggedy Nodder

This is my very first Raggedy doll attempt. She started off as a 'practice' doll because I didn't have a Raggedy pattern - This body and clothing is the design of Prim Raggs - it's the chubby bunny pattern without the ears - and hair added.
I wasn't sure how to add the hair - I really didn't want to glue it on and sewing it on strand by strand seemed too tedius. I went online and googled up some tutorials and didn't find anything that interested me so I did my own thing which I'm quite happy with.
I cut lengths of yarn at 17 inches, taking 4 strands at a time and tying them into knots in the middle. I threaded a needle with 2 strands of red embroidery thread (same color as nose and mouth) and started on one side of the head - where an ear might be and sewed the 'knot' to the scalp at the seam line. I sewed it 3 times so it would be attached good. I then took the needle and thread, took it back into the scalp and out next to the knot and attached another 4 strand of knotted yarn. I continued this way to the other side of the head where an ear would be. I added a second row behind the first. The hair is very long in the front and has shorter lengths in the back - but I wanted pigtails so it really didn't matter to me - I flipped the front pieces back and arranged them with my fingers and parted the hair down the center. I grabbed a handful of hair and tied it off with a bow the same fabric as the dress, on both sides. I trimmed yarn that was extremely long compared to the other lengths - but not all of them - I wanted layers. I was happy with the results.

One thing I am not happy with at all is primming clothing. Just don't like the results I get. I had chosen a co-ordinating blue and white small checked homespun for the apron. I stained it with the coffee/vanilla and when it had a green cast to it - no longer blue and it didn't look 'old' it looked ugly. No longer did it match with the dress. I opted instead to make the apron with muslin and left it alone - did not prim it. Maybe one of these days if and when I decide to try an extreme prim doll - I will then prim the clothing too. For those of you who don't know what extreme prim's very dirty/grubby and worn looking. Another definition is 'ugly'. lol Some people are really into that - personally, I'm not - prim is good enough for me.

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