Saturday, February 18, 2006

Atlantic City ~ Valentine's Day 2006

The day before we left for Atlantic City - the East Coast was bombarded with a snow storm. New York was reported to have 27 inches of snow - Philadelphia, 17 inches.... this is what Atlantic City looked like on Feb. 14th, 2006. A friend/neighbor called us the day before we left, the 12th and said 'Don't you realize there's a storm on the East Coast?!'. Like that was going to keep us from taking our 3rd annual winterVacation, lol. T. & J. are letter carriers and are so used to bad weather, that they weren't thwarted in the least. They have good instincts because the weather was phenomenal. We arrived in AC Feb. 13th and all we needed to walk the boardwalk was light jackets in the day time and of course the nights got much colder so we did need our winter coats. We had 2 days of 60 degree weather - we were coatless.
This pic is of me and my dh Tom. Isn't he cute??

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  1. You sure did miss the snow Denise. LOL New Hampshire had around 18 inches of it!

    I'm glad you both had a nice vaction.