Friday, February 17, 2006

Been Away A Few Days

My husband and I went away for Valentine's - it was our 3rd annual trip to Atlantic City for Valentine's Day. We go with another couple - J. and his wife T.
J. works with my husband, his wife is a nurse at West Penn Hospital. They are such a fun couple and we always have a fantastic time. We left on Feb. 13th and just got home this evening - the 17th. We stayed at the Tropicana. This happened to be during the time the East Coast was bombarded with a snow storm. New York got something like 27 inches of snow, Jersey reportedly was expecting 17 inches. Our neighbor called us the night before we left - saying 'don't you realize there's a snow storm on the East Coast!!!'. My husband and J. are US Letter Carriers. They carry mail during rain storms, snow storms and tornados, and weren't about to let a measley 17 inches of snow stop us from our mid-winter vacation. As it turned out... we had no problems what-so-ever on our 7 hour journey, and the most snow we encountered was about 6-7 inches. The Turnpike was clear and we had an enjoyable trip. In fact - the day we arrived - the 13th - I only needed a light jacket to walk the boardwalk that afternoon. It was sunny and around 40 degrees.
The first night (Monday) we had dinner at Hooters and later my husband and I saw Ice Fusion - a really enjoyable show. Our friends decided not to join us because J. isn't a fan of ice skating. While T. is...she decided to play the poker machines with her husband. They missed a great show.
The 2nd day - we slept in until 9:30 which is really unusual for the both of us - we NEVER sleep in that late. We had brunch at the Tropicana buffet which was phenomenal - the food was wonderful! Very expensive as buffets go - $16.95 - but we had our breakfasts comped for a few days - so that was really kewl! After brunch we walked the boardwalk - no coats. It was close to 60 degrees and the sun was shining. Almost all of the snow that was left had melted already. We had planned to go the Comedy Club this night - but because it was Valentine's Day - the price was doubled. Instead we went to the Claridge and saw the Price Is Right. We had to 'register' and answer a couple questions to be called as contestants. T. was the only on of us who was called to 'COME ON DOWN!!!'. She was sooooo excited. Unfortuneatley, she guessed a little too high on the MP3 that was shown and didn't make it any further but she was still happy to have been called at all. She got a a tee- shirt that read 'I was a contestant on The Price Is Right.'
Night #3 we had dinner at P.F. Changs - a Chinese Restaurant - the food was very good. We then went to the Comedy Club. OMG it was was such a great show - I LMAO. The comedians were hilarious.
Night #4 dh and I went to the IMAX theatre to see Adrenaline Rush. I was a little disappointed as I was prepared to see a variety of risk taking activities. This was more about free falling from planes, and jumping canyons. It was good, but not what I expected.
We did not fare well gambling - but then we aren't 'gamblers'. We take only what we can afford to lose, if you go to to Atlantic City with the attitude that you are going to 'win' you will be sadly disappointed. The Casinos are the only real winners. We had a nice time, we had some good food and some good entertainment.
I am anxious to start working on Raggedy Ruth this weekend - I bought this yarn for hair - that when untangled resembles real hair...I'm going to have to surf the net to see how to make a 'wig' for this.....not sure if it will work out as I'm hoping. Stay tuned.

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