Saturday, February 18, 2006

Raggedy Ruth Has Hair!!

I bought this neat yarn that I thought would make wonderful hair for Ruth. It does...but sadly, if you just slightly tug on it, it pulls apart. Don't do that. lol. I think she turned out really cute rather than 'ugly' as I had anticipated. I drew a red heart on her chest with barn red acrylic paint and with a thin marker added her name 'Ruth'. Now she's ready to be clothed. Haven't yet decided on choice of attire. Might have to sleep on it.... Ruth is very special to me because she is my own design, so I don't want to rush into anything.


  1. NeeNee, the hair is adorable and works for her. If you can somehow incorporate her red heart into her outfit (maybe a peekaboo pocket) that might be cute. Certainly would be different. She's coming along really well.


  2. Thanks so much Linda :) I've already started on her dress - I used muslin for the blouse - and a green plaid for the skirt. I used co-ordinating green for a pocket on the blouse - and I like your idea of adding a red heart to insert into the pocket! Thanks! :)