Sunday, February 05, 2006

Total WashOut

My first craft show of this year was a total washout. There were lots of vendors with wonderful crafts. There were lots of shoppers.........but the only thing anyone seemed to be really interested in this weekend was anything that was Steeler related. I bet if I had thought to make some Prim Steeler nodders or dolls......or even candle lights - I would have done extremely well. Bad planning on my part. lol.
I made a whopping $6 in sales. I sold an enamel blue tin cup electric light that was leftover from last season. Oh, folks would stop to admire some of my items... my potpourri, the muslin cinnamon buns, but no one purchased them. I was worried that maybe my prices were too high, but when I figure out how much money I've put into supplies to make them, the time it takes to make them....I think my prices were very reasonable. Maybe even too low...I wasn't going to make much of a profit. So why didn't anything sell? I really don't think this area is into Prim much. I bet if I were to do craft shows in the Eastern part of the state, I would do better. This type of craft is very popular in the Lancaster area - but then there is so much competition there, it's really hard to say how I would do.
I kept telling myself...don't get upset if things don't can always list them on eBay where they would get a bigger audience. But once again...there is just so much competition out there. I've been thinking along the lines of having a Home Show... inviting friends and neighbors - have them bring a friend, put out horsdeouvries and drinks - display my crafts, maybe take special orders. I've thought about consignment shops. I want to make this work, I love what I'm doing and I want others to love it too.
I am bummed out. I am undecided about registering for any more craft shows. I worked my tail off since Christmas and was so excited about this show, I had visions of selling at least half of my crafts. Keep on dreaming.
I might be bummed out, but I'm not a quitter. Not yet anyway.
You ain't seen the last of me.

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  1. NeeNee, don't get discouraged by the lack of sales at the craft show. Sometimes you hit it and sometimes you don't. I've had better luck at small home shows. You have a captive audience there and with food everyone has a good time.