Monday, April 24, 2006

Jars, Jars, Jars

I've been practicing painting on jars this evening. It is so much harder than it looks. I recently purchased a book called Jars, Jars, Jars by artist Cindy Trombley. Her work is phenomenal and she gives you patterns to use, gives tips and techniques, and while I've been practicing......a chicken could paint better than I, with it's eyes closed and it's feathers tied behind it's back. Good Lord, I'm awful. I ruined one jar already. So I switched to a primered tin can. I made a heart, and practiced 'floating' or shading. It sounds much easier to do than it actually is, at least for me. You wet a flat brush, and dip it in your paint - the object is to have one side of the brush with paint on it, and to have a little bleed through to the wet side. The directions don't quite tell you what to do next - just to I put the watered side down and lightly pressed the brush on the edges of my looks ok but no where near as nice as Cindy's work. You can see Cindy's work at She not only paints on jars, but also on ironing boards, gourds, wood, sprinklers, wine bottles, buckets, you name it! Love her work!
Anyway, as bad as mine may look, I'm trying to learn her painting techniques. I have dozens upon dozens of jars sitting here in my craft room so I have a lot to practice on. Maybe one or two will actually come out halfway decent! I'll post a pic of my practice can in the morning, just glad I won't be able to hear anyone laughing.

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