Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pics Of My Dining Room

My dining room isn't what a 'real' honest to goodness primitive decor looks like. My furniture isn't 'distressed' or old, it's nice quality oak - pieces that I've purchased independently. My china cabinet I bought at Oak Works Furniture - it was being discontinued and I got it for a great price. Sadly for me, there was no matching buffet or table set. The table and chairs I purchased at a local furniture store almost a year before buying the china cabinet. During a trip my dh and I took a couple years back, we stopped at an antique store along the way and they had this fabulous corner curio in oak that was the same color as the china cabinet, but we weren't driving a truck and there was no way it would fit in our car. I left the store, a little depressed because I really wanted that curio and we lived about a 2 hour drive from the store. The next weekend my husband surprised me - it was Mother's Day - and took me back to the store. We rented a truck and bought the curio. Great price, great piece. Still left me without a buffet.
We attended a gameroom show in Chicago 6 months later and found this fellow who makes great looking oak cabinets that were made to hold old slot machines. One of the things about his cabinets that really appealed to us was that he also added lead glass doors and they were a nice match with our other pieces. He agreed to make us a large cabinet, that would match our other oak pieces and a few months later we picked it up and it was absolutely beautiful, and perfectly matched our other pieces. Little by little I've been adding prim/ folkart items, most I made myself, but some I have received in trades with other crafters from the Prim Mart.
In the Fall, I'm planning to repaint my dining room, I'm thinking a light to medium mustard color. I think the contrast with mustard and burgundy may look very rich and 'cozy'. My husband pretty much gives me free reign over the decorating of our home, but he draws the line at anything that makes the house so dark it reminds him of a morgue. Darn.

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