Friday, April 28, 2006

Vintage Label / Mason Jar Candle Holder

This is a new item I worked on today. Last November when my dh and I went to the Chicagoland Show, I picked up 4 vintage labels with the idea that I would use them on some mason jars and make candle lights/holders out of them. I am just now having the time to work on extra things and this is one of them. I primed ( actually, I didn't my dh did, he's a better spray painter than I am ) a 1 qt. Ball mason jar and then I painted it using yellow ochre acrylic. I glued a vintage label on using a decoupage glue, and then spattered black paint all over. With a wreath I made of mustard and burgundy pip berries, I wrapped this around the mouth of the jar. I inserted a glass votive holder and scented votive. I think this makes a simple but yet elegant candle holder. I have this listed in my EZshoppe.

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