Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Computer Room / Storage Room

I live in a 3 bedroom Ranch style house. Only 2 bedrooms really qualify as 'bedrooms'. The 3rd room is only large enough to comfortably accomadate a single sized bed and one dresser. Two of my daughters are now married and have homes of their own, so the 3rd 'bedroom' became our 'Computer Room'. That lasted for about a year.....until I decided to get back into crafting. I started to accumulate items to utilize in my crafts, from purchases I bought at fleamarkets & antique stores. Little by little, these finds began to take over our computer room, much to my dh's dismay. Literally, the room became a storage room rather than the 'nice' comfortable computer room we had in mind, when we first bought the beautiful oak roll top desk that houses our computer. It took us almost a year before we found the desk within our price range and it was in Coldwater, MI - we live in Pennsylvania! The room was comparable to a relaxing den...the only thing missing was a television set. That didn't last too long, as little by little, items such as baskets, mason jars, old wooden cheese boxes, flour sifters, silk flowers, dried flowers, electric candles, yarn, doll chairs, acrylic paints, old mill spools, fabric and other miscellaneous craft supplies began to take over. It was a MESS. There was no organization. My SIL had some extra plastic bins he didn't need, so I used them to store some items in, but there was still oodles of stuff cluttering the floor space. I had 5 old wooden crates that I had used for my displays at craft shows last year, we moved them into the computer room, stacked them up one on another, and they made decent shelves for organizing some of the items ........yet the floor is still so cluttered, you can barely maneuver unless you wear wading shoes & use a scythe to make your way to the computer chair.
I've tried 3 times to upload more photos, but they just won't 'take' so will appear in the next post.

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