Thursday, May 25, 2006

Extreme Prim Doll Progress

I'm pretty happy with the way this doll is taking shape. Especially since I 'drew' the pattern myself - she is an 'original'. I've sculpted her nose and mouth and added her legs & feet ( ha ha - gotta love those big malformed feet). She's sitting in the pic, but she's actually 20" long. I still have to sew up and stuff her arms, attach them and then paint and dry. Once that's done, I will finish sanding her down, then stain her and add some 'grubbiness' to make her look old and very 'prim'. She's getting there, and I have a feeling, she won't be my last extreme's been too fun to make......especially when everyone who sees it has said .......EWWWWWWW. LOL

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