Saturday, May 27, 2006

Meet Hester Lou

My extreme prim doll is finished, and she's been named. I've had a few reactions to her, my youngest daughter hates her, says she's too scarey looking for her tastes. Her friend stopped by tonight, they were going clubbing, and the friend actually let out a little scream when she saw Hester Lou....LOL and says she has the 'evil eye'. LOL My middle daughter, who's 30, thinks it looks great. My hubby just shakes his head. He is ok with prim - but doesn't 'get' the extreme prim. I'm going to be putting HL on eBay tomorrow, to see if anyone is actually interested...if so, I will definitely be making more extreme dolls. Let me know what you think - you either love her or hate her - I don't think there are any in-betweens.

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