Monday, May 22, 2006

My First Black Prim Doll

I decided to try my hand at making a prim black doll. I think she turned out kinda cute, darling middle daughter, aged 24, who still lives at home thinks she's rather CREEPY looking and before going to bed tonight, muttered ' sure hope that ugly thing doesn't turn into a CHUCKY DOLL. LOL
After stuffing my doll, I painted her with black acrylic paint, then sanded her down with a fine sandpaper. I then brushed on a stain of instant coffee & vanilla. I had my 6 year old grandaughter help me rub her down real good with ground cinnamon, which gives the doll that nice 'old' look. I gave her a fabric nose, which I've stitched on, and button eyes. Poor thing doesn't have a mouth, but that's ok .....she doesn't eat much. I used a gray/black angora yarn for her hair, which is sewn on and feels incredible. The fabric I used for her bloomers and dress are from a 'trade' I did with my Prim Mart friend casdmom - and I'm very happy with the results. Thanks casdmom!!! ;) I've sewn on 2 rusty bells to the bodice in place of buttons.
You know, if I was a really 'MEAN' mom.......I'd sneak in my daughter's room in the middle of the night........and 'walk' this doll along her blanket.......creeping ever so slowly.............. and humming the 'Jaws' tune...........but with my luck, my daughter would wake up and freak out and we'd both have heart failure.......
My doll still needs a 'name'...then she will be either added to my EZShoppe or listed in my eBay store.

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