Thursday, May 18, 2006

Raggedy For A Friend

This is the latest raggedy doll I made. My eldest daughter's friend ordered it so that she could give it to her older sister for her birthday. I had made one for the friend's little girl's b'day last month, and her aunt fell in love with it.
I coffee/vanilla stained the doll, but didn't put her in the oven, as I was trying to avoid the 'burnt look' I often get. While I like it, others may not, especially those that aren't so much into 'prim'. So I decided to let it air dry overnight, but it still got these 'stains' anyway. I am assuming some of the fiberfill soaked up a little more coffee than other parts and that's why it dried like this. I rubbed some ground cinnamon into her and it did lighten some areas somewhat. I like her like this, hope the aunt does too. I know that many doll makers prefer to stain the muslin before cutting out the pattern, but I tried that once and hated the feel of the muslin, I thought it was too stiff to work with. Tried ironing it too to help soften it some, but too many extra steps for me, lol so I prefer to stuff the doll then stain her.


  1. She's cute! I find if I spray I get a better look compared to brushing the coffee mixture on. And I always dry the dolls face down outside in the Florida sunshine.