Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Crow 'n Stars Shutter

Last night I posted my first shutter wall display. I had another of the same size and was anxious to get that one finished to put in my 'shoppe'. I was out of the large tin stars but had several wooden ones left from Christmas projects so I painted them raw sienna and then sanded them to give them a worn look. I had an extra crow that I had made a few weeks ago with the intentions of making another one for a different project but never got around to it, so decided this crow had a new home. He's wearing 2 rusty bells around his neck on a wire collar ( Pattern by Threadbare Primitives ). Once again I painted the shutter black and unlike last night's shutter where I sanded it all by hand which tends to burn a little from rubbing, I used my husbands electric sander ( for the first time ever) and wow I couldn't believe how much faster and smoother the project went. He instructed me that for what I wanted to do, to use less pressure on the shutter, so the sander practically glided over it, giving me more control. The sander is now one of my favorite craft tools!
I sanded the stars by hand however. I used white pip berries again because I'm out of burgundy. I think the white shows up nice against the black and sienna colors. To finish the shutter off, I tied a mustard colored fabric with black stars around the center and rearranged the bow to the side so as not to 'hide' the lower star.
I have 4 larger shutters to work on this summer as well.
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