Friday, June 09, 2006

Introducing Alva ~ Extreme Prim

#2 Extreme prim doll is finished. I am very happy with the way her dress turned out - I did it myself, without a pattern!! Never did ruffles before, but thought it couldn't be THAT hard, and it really wasn't. A little more time consuming, but worth the extra effort. A friend said she 'might' be interested in her, but if that doesn't come through, I'm going to add her to my shoppe. I've already cut out the head and body for extreme doll #3, lol which I'm thinking I will add a 'hold on' to. It may be a crow, a sheep, or something entirely different, won't know until I see her 'personality' after she's been needle sculpted. It amazes me how different they are turning out.

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