Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Prim Shutter Wall Display

I have this very narrow wall space to the left of my china cupboard. It has been bare for over a year because I didn't know exactly 'what' I wanted to hang there. Then one night very recently, I had a dream....lol...yes, sometimes I do have these 'create' dreams. When I woke, I knew exactly what I wanted, knew exactly how I was going to do it!!! Couldn't wait to get started. I had a pair of old narrow wood shutters. I had my 6 year old grandaughter help me paint it black. When it dried, I sanded it in different areas and along the edges to give it a used/distressed look. One of the shutters actually broke as my grandaughter was painting it, and she was so upset, but I told her it only made it look so much BETTER. I wove grapevine twigs from side to side and needed my husband to use his stapler gun to hold it down in places. I won't use the gun....I tried it once and almost peed my pants it scared me so bad. It's a bigg'un and really powerful. I then wired some white pipberry stems to the twigs. I had a black tin star - but didn't want it to be black because the shutter was black...so I painted 2 coats of barn red acrylic on it. When it was dried, I sanded it down on the creases so the black would show through. That was wired to the twigs at the top. For the finishing touch, I tore a burgundy plaid homespun into a 2 inch strip, wrapped it around the shutter and tied it in a knot, fringing the ends. I think it could use some burgundy & mustard pipberries too - but I'm out. When I get some in stock, I'll wire some of those on as well. I think I will prim up the 2nd shutter and add that one to my shoppe. Maybe someone else has a narrow spot they don't know what to do with.

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