Monday, June 05, 2006

She's No Angel

When I first started my raggedy make-do, it was with an angel raggedy in mind. But that idea quickly changed once I started using and make-doing with supplies I had on hand. I had a couple old mill thread spools that I hadn't yet made into electric lights, and thought one would make a perfect make-do stand for my doll. My fabric stash just didn't seem to have anything suitable unless I used muslin - but I wanted to use up an old curtain valance, since it already had a gathered edge ( ruffle). The valance was stark white with orange, green, brown and a little yellow in the embroidered areas. I didn't want the 'dress' to be so white, so starting staining it with the coffee/vanilla mixture. When I was finished, it looked more tan, but still needed some extra staining for that 'aged' look. I got a big sponge, one like you'd use if you were sponge painting your walls. I dipped an end in the stain, and holding areas of the dress in my hand sponged more stain on in certain areas. I like the effect - it really looks 'old'. I named this doll 'Winifred'. She's holding a jute string with 4 miniature spools that I've wound with yarn, and 3 large brown buttons. Her hair is the same yarn that is wound on the spools - I gave her some fluffy bangs and pulled her hair up into a ponytail, and tied matching muslin as a bow. Winifred's body and face were fashioned using osnaburg fabric. This is the first time I ever used that instead of muslin. I like the way it holds a stain, and it's more 'textured' than muslin. I would use it again.

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