Thursday, June 01, 2006

Vintage Label / Mason Jar Candleholder #2

This is another mason jar candleholder with a vintage label from South Bay. It shows a colorful photo of celery, carrot, lettuce, red pepper and tomatoes. Beneath that it reads 'Quality Vegetables, Product of U.S.A. South Bay Growers, Inc. South Bay, Florida 33493'
I spray painted the jar with primer, let that dry and then painted over that with acrylic paint. I used Decoupage finish to apply the label, and brushed 2 coats over the label and jar and let dry. The jar was then splattered with black acrylic. The final step was 2 coats of clear glaze. Inside the mouth of the jar sits a glass votive holder, and a mulled cider scented votive candle. I tied a burgundy, green and tan plaid homespun around some white pipberries and this is all tied around the mouth of the jar. A cute candleholder for any area of the home!
My husband and I travel to St. Charles, Ill twice a year for the Chicagoland Jukebox and Advertising shows. I found a vendor who carries these super looking labels and bought a few to see if these jar candle holders would sell for me. I think they're neat, let's see if anyone else does, ;)

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