Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pitchfork Birdhouse

I purchased this birdhouse at a recent craft show. I thought it was nice and prim looking and wanted to use it somehow in my front yard garden. I had the idea ( which isn't my own) of attaching the birdhouse to a pitchfork or shovel and was looking at flea markets for one to buy. My husband T. said look no further, he would give me his dad's pitchfork, which is at least 40 years old. T. drilled a hole into the pitchfork handle, attached the birdhouse with a with a washer and screw. I then wound some grapevine twigs around the birdhouse and the pitchfork. I loved the look, and found the perfect place to put it, right in front of my 'new' Willow tree.

I wish T. was interested in woodworking, he was eligible to retire last summer, and I thought it would be a nice hobby for him - and a big help to me, lol. But alas, he has no interest what-so-ever. I was even going to buy him a circular saw for Christmas last year - or whatever it is wood workers use to cut out patterns and/or make birdhouses with...but he was adamant and said 'NO THANKS'.. Who knows, maybe someday, I'll buy one for myself. :)

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