Friday, July 28, 2006

Prim Sheep Pull Toy #2

If you were reading my blog earlier this week, you know I made a sheep pull toy. I listed it in my shoppe and within 12 hours, it sold. I was really stunned!! But very pleased and couldn't wait to make another! So here it is. It's basically the same - the only difference is the 'blanket' and the dried flowers. I have a supplier for the textile spools but can't get any more until end of Sept. Bummer. I had a couple more ideas for pull toys - so I bid on some wooden wheels on eBay and was the high bidder for 10 - a set of 5 wheels. I'm looking forward to making more of this type of craft but they may be on a smaller basis. This one, as the sheep before it, are 9" high by 14 " wide.
Adapted from a pattern by Chestnut Junction ( Reindeer)

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