Monday, July 31, 2006

Primitive Ewe

This is another cute little ewe I made based on the reindeer pattern by Chestnut Junction. I just elongated the head/nose and made my own ear pattern. Instead of twigs for legs, I used rusty masonry nails.
T. had only one of this type of nail in his nail junk drawer. I drove to a hardware store and bought a 1 lb. box of masonry nails, but what a mess! They are coated with some type of oil and my hands were streaked with a charcoal colored mess, which wasn't coming off easily even with soap and water. Ugh. So I thought I'd paint them black. Didn't work, because of the oil base or whatever that coating is, even though I washed them, the paint just peeled off. T. goes to a local fleamarket every Sunday, and found me 10 of these nails, all nice and rusty for $1 I didn't have to do anything to them! I'm sure I'll be making some more of this little guy, he's so funny looking, he's lovable! *Ü*

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