Saturday, July 22, 2006

Scenting Fabric Tip

"How to: scent your fabric"
by Niki Jackson, "The Vintage Artist"
You will need:
Fragrance oil of your choice.
Empty mist spray bottle 100ml (8oz)
There are two ways you can scent your fabric.
The first way is by following the instructions for ageing your fabric (sent out 7th July to request your free copy click here) and adding a few drops of fragrance oil to the coffee or tea mixture.
Or if you have already aged your fabric but want to scent it as well or you would rather just scent it and not age it here is how you do it:
Take your pipette and your fragrance oil and measure out 1.0ml of oil. Squeeze from pipette into your empty bottle.
Fill to the top with luke warm water. Screw on the mist spray top and shake really well.
Now all you need to do is spray your chosen fabric and it will be scented with wonderful fragrance.
Let it dry and you are ready to complete your project.
If you do not want to make your own spray you can buy them pre-mixed here: Linen/Room Sprays.
© 2006 Niki Jackson

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