Sunday, August 13, 2006

~Amelia & Avery~

Meet Amelia & her favorite teddy Avery. Both have been treated with a coffee/vanilla stain. Amelia is 23" long, Avery 13". Both have stitched faces. Amelia's eyes are button, Avery's are French Knots. The doll's legs have been painted with red stripes, her bloomers are made of osnaburg. Her blouse is a pretty autumn pattern with leaves of gold, burnt orange and brown. Her pinafore is mustard homespun. She's wearing matching bows in her hair. Avery has a red wool felt heart stitched on his chest and an offwhite bow with little red hearts tied around his neck. An adorable pair!
This doll was handcrafted by me & adapted from a pattern by Cinnamon Lane.

This doll is listed in my EZshoppe KKL Primtives


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