Friday, August 04, 2006

Basic Primitive Stitches

"The 4 Basic Primitive Stitches You Need to Know"
by Niki Jackson, "The Vintage Artist".

Primitive stitcheries are one of the most popular primitive crafts to make and are enjoyed by many crafters.

There are two different types of stitcheries you can make:

Framed Stitcheries - Primitive pictures which have been hand-stitched onto calico or other types of fabric and finished with a rustic wooden frame.

Pillow Stitcheries - Just like framed stitcheries but instead of framing them you use fabrics and toy stuffing to make them into pillows.

To create your own stitcheries you need to know 4 basic types of stitches that are usually used in primitive designs.

1) The most basic stitch is "Back Stitch", mostly used in outlining designs. The stitch can be as thick as 6 strands of thread or as thin as one strand. I usually use 2 strands or 3 if I want bold stitches for lettering.

2) A great stitch for filling in areas is "Satin Stitch". Stitched horizontally in the colour of your choice, you can use it to fill hearts and other small areas in your design.
I do not recommend you try satin stitching large areas as the thread will buckle and pull on the fabric.

3) If you have dots or berries in your design you can use the "French Knot" stitch. The smaller your needle the smaller the knot, so if you need to create a large knot you will need a larger needle and thicker thread.

4) The last of the stitches is a little more detailed than the others mentioned. It is called "Lazy Daisy Stitch" and it is perfect for stitching flowers and leaves. Again this stitch is best suited on small scale flowers or leaves.So there you have the names and functions of the 4 basic stitches used in primitive stitchery designs.

Look out next week for my article "How to Create The 4 Basic Primitive Stitches".
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