Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Doll Swap Time Pt.1

I am very excited! One of the crafting communties I belong to is having a doll swap right now, and I signed up for it - my first swap! Once everyone signs up, we are paired with a partner - we exchange likes & dislikes & mailing addresses and then we get to work! Since I make dolls, but rarely keep any for myself, this will be a very fun way to acquire some for my own personal collection! Another plus is that someone who has never purchased from me before, will see what kind of work I do, and if she likes my stuff, may become a repeat customer - I can dream can't I?? lol

I'm really anxious to hear back from her as what her likes are.... I've made raggedies, prim black and extreme prim black dolls, but not a mammy yet and I just got a new pattern that I'm dying to try out! Regardless of the type my partner likes, I plan to make this doll extra special!

I'll be posting more updates on the swap as it progresses .......stay tuned! *Ü*

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