Saturday, August 19, 2006

Prim Cat & Basket 'O Ragballs

I made this prim cat several weeks ago - it's not new - I've made it before. Just never knew quite what to do with him. I decided to put him in a basket with some ragballs. It took 15 ragballs to surround him. They are about the size of a baseball. I chose not to stain them, because they look more colorful, and I did not scent these...although the next basket I make will be stained & scented.
My grandchildren wanted to help me - so I gave them each some fabric strips, and let them go to town. They actually didn't do a bad job - I just had to readjust some 'balls' so they weren't wrapped too loosely. I found a couple ragballs in my grandaughter's overnight bag that she brings her favorite toy of the day over in. She was taking them home for mommie. lol

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