Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Swap Doll Finished

Hoping my swap partner doesn't see this until she receives it in her mail box! I really don't know that she visits my blog - if you do, Nae - this really isn't yours, lol. ;)
I just love her little teddy bear. He's made of a flowered calico fabric and I coffee/vanilla stained it to give it an aged look.
Smells nice too!

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  1. Love Love Love the way she turned out! She is just beautiful! Wow what a great job! Love her little teddy bear!

    hey sweetie when you have time check out my profile and let me know if you are intersted in exchanging blog links!

  2. Hi Angie - thanks so much!!
    Yes, I am interested in exchanging blog links ...WOW lol you have quite a few - we may have another Blog Queen in the ranks!!! LOL
    which links do you want added here - all or a select few?