Monday, August 07, 2006

Swap Doll

I'm really enjoying working on this doll for the Doll Swap I'm involved in. My partner and I have exchanged emails regarding the types of dolls we each like ( my partner does NOT like extreme prim dolls - they scare her lol so I will not be making her one of those).
I chose to use a pattern by Cinnamon Lane Crafts for a 19 inch doll, with her own teddy bear. I've not started on the bear yet, but plan to start cutting out the pattern pieces this morning. It amazes me that while alot of the doll clothing is very similar, each pattern designer has their own way of making a dress. I found the instructions for this doll's clothing by far the easiest I've tried yet. Especially the bodice.
I don't know if my 'partner' ever comes in to read my blog, if she does, then now she knows the doll she's getting, lol - if she doesn't, then it will still be a surprise.

At first, I had a devil of a time with the stripes on the legs. I messed them up royally first time around. I had posted at Prim Mart for tips the other doll makers use and most everyone said dry brushing was the best way to go. I really thought I would have to toss these legs into the rubbish - but repainted them antique white and dry brushed the red stripes on, and they really don't look too bad! Besides, as all the prim doll makers say- a prim doll shouldn't be 'perfect', little imperfections make the doll more endearing. I'll post another photo when I've finished the bear. I hope it isn't too tiny to work with, lol my eyes at 53 aren't like they were at 23!!! ;P

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