Monday, September 25, 2006

Prim Grandma-Angel Shelf Sitter

This is a grandma 'guardian angel' shelf sitter I made this weekend. I drew out the shape on a sheet of paper for my pattern. She stands 10 inches high. She's been stained with coffee/vanilla and weighted down so she stands alone. Her nose and mouth are handstitched and she has buttons for eyes. I fashioned her hair (in a grandmotherly bun) from black/gray angora yarn. Her shawl is an old vintage crochet doily fastened with a large button. Her wings are two heart shaped grapevine twig 'wreaths' that have been hand sewn on. Her dress is a navy blue and burgundy striped fabric.
Finally, I attached a prim tag that reads 'Grandmas Are Our Guardian Angels' and decorated it with stars and hearts and sprinkled German glass glitter on it. There is also some glass glitter on her wings and in her hair.

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  1. Hello Neenee.

    I see your really getting into this stuff and is great that your enjoying it so much.

    I still need to figure out that thing to go in my blog at the bottom of my posts and I will eventually.

    In the mean time I got tagged and am struggling to find others to tag so your one of my 5 :)

    You will need to check out my blog to see the details of what you need to do.

  2. I really enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing a few of your pieces. The Grandma Sitter is definitely my favorite.