Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Snow Balls 5¢

I bought a 'mini' pattern for a snowman called Jack Frost from Country Whims. I thought it was so cute and would make a nice seller at a craft show my daughters are going to do for me while I'm out of town in November.
I was anxious to make one and didn't have all the materials on hand that the pattern 'requires' so I substituted a few things.
1. Warm & Natural - for plain ole muslin
2. small black stones - buttons
3. toothpick (nose) - button
4. top hat - knitted hat
5. 1" styrofoam ball (head) - used polyester fill
6. gel stain ( sign/holder) - just soaked them in instant coffee for 1/2 hour.
7. clumping kitty litter - huh? I don't own a kitty - but I did have some kitty litter left that I used for weighing down a shelf sitter last winter, so I scooped some up, put in a little baggie and inserted into the snowman's bottom to weigh him down, and finished stuffing with polyester.
The instructions called for using German Glass Glitter - and I just happened to have a small baggie that I had also ordered when I ordered the pattern. But I didn't want to 'waste' it if it turned out I didn't like the pattern. Weird, huh? I did use a little bit on the knitted hat and scarf and down the front of the snowman but I substituted fake snow and mica flakes for the snow on the bottom of snowman, sign, and snowballs. The snowballs that he is holding are pom poms which were soaked in glue and then rolled in the fake snow and mica. The larger snowballs at his feet are 1"styrofoam balls ( I didn't use them for the head cuz I thought they were too little) and rolled in the same mixture. I had a little wooden/rusted sled left over from last year , so glued the snowman and large snowballs onto that. I think he turned out pretty cute, but I'm anxious now to make him the 'right way' and see which one I prefer.

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