Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm The Big Sis

I just love this pattern by Cat & The Fiddle Designs. There are 3 patterns included, two adorable raggedies and a cute cat. They are all wearing dresses and the bodices read 'I'm the big sis', I'm the little sis, and I'm the cat.
I made this one for my 6 year old grandaughter Jordyn and I'm going to make the little sis doll for her baby sister Ayden, the newest member of our family.
This is a horrible photo, my apologies. I need a new digital camera.
The pattern directions call for painting on the eyes, but I liked the buttons better. I've sewn them on really good but will still need to watch Ayden as she gets older. Chances are mommie will set them either on their beds or on a shelf.
I was thinking I would make my 3 three old grandson Jonah a boy raggedy with his shirt saying I'm the big brother, but he's really into Spiderman, SpongeBob and Bob the Builder right now, the doll will have to join the other two on the shelf. At least he'll know gramma was thinking of him too.
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