Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm The Brother

This is the 'Andy' raggedy I made for my little grandson. I doubt very much he will play with it, or want to put it on his bed, but I couldn't leave him out as I already made I'm the big sis raggedy for his older sister and I'm making I'm the little sis for his baby sister. I used the same pattern as the big sis ( The Cat And The Fiddle Designs) but instead of a dress - I made overalls and gave him less and shorter hair.
He doesn't have shoes yet, waiting for my daughter to go through some of my grandson's baby clothes boxes. Would you believe I went to Kmart a few nights ago to look for some infant shoes and they didn't have a one??! Not a one!! Unbelievable! Then I looked on eBay and found a few that had reasonable shipping prices, and I did bid on a couple but I think I'm going to start scouring some yard sales this Spring.

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