Saturday, January 13, 2007

Live & Learn

Sometimes you think you might have a better way of doing things. So you give it your best shot. It really looks like it might work, but when you're done, it totally stinks, and that old adage, if it isn't broke, don't fix it, applies. What the heck am I rattling on about? The past several raggedy dolls I've made, that's what. The directions call for using a stick to insert into the neck, and pad with polyfill so that when you add the head, the neck will keep the head erect so it doesn't bob all over the place. I was using craft sticks ( that look exactly like popsicle sticks, and they worked great! But then while rooting through my 'wood' craft drawer, I came upon some 'pegs' that I never used, but thought...hmmmm these might come in handy some day. I thought they would fit perfectly in the neck, with very little polyfill needed to pad the area. It seemed really sturdy. Much thicker than the craft sticks, so had to be sturdier, right? Wrong.

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The directions call for inserting your finger into the opening at the back of the head and tunneling so that the 'neck' when glued will slide right up in there. That part worked out great. But because the neck wasn't also packed with polyfill, the neck/peg just wobbled back and forth. Gave no real 'support'. Since this doll's head is already glued and all the clothes are sewn on, I'm not taking it apart to redo it, and I don't feel I can sell it so I'll just keep it for myself and let her sit on one of my shelves.

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