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Interview With Crafter Nonnie (Hazel) Hayden - The Friend

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Meet Nonnie (Hazel) Hayden, 82 years young Crafter and owner of The Friend.

The Friend carries Vintage products, Primitives, Dolls, Angels, Quilted and Fabric Critters, Miniature Quilts, Holiday Items, Signs and Pillows to name a few!

This is from Nonnie's About Me Page
Once I was a stay at home Mother with a wonderful husband, Jack, and 3 lively children - Mike, Wendy, and Mary. When college time came along for the kids I became a librarian.

Later, Jack took a position with a business in Vermont, where we lived a comfortable life amid mountains and forests. It was there that I learned to quilt and Jack learned to make tinware as a hobby.

After three years in Vermont, we transferred to Chicago, where I opened my first shop called Country House Quilts. There, Jack and I sold our country products and I gave quilting lessons.

After several years in the Chicago area we retired and moved to Wiscasset, Maine - known as the "prettiest town in Maine". We opened a shop called The Friend specializing in fabrics, notions, tinware, and crafts. We did retail, wholesale, and catalog business.

Eventually, we missed our children and grandchildren so much that we decided to move back to Ohio. In the small town of Mt. Vernon, we continued our catalog business.

When Jack passed away from cancer, I moved back to Perrysburg, Ohio. It was wonderful coming home to family and friends.

Now, at the age of 82, I'm having the time of my life counting my blessings, enjoying my family, and creating things I hope you will enjoy.

I am The Friend - Again!

Interview With Nonnie

How long have you been crafting? I began making my dolls clothes as a small girl and then formals as my girls grew up.

How did you get interested in your craft? I have been a quilter for many years and have always loved dolls.

What or who is your inspiration? My greatest inspiration has been my son Michael who convinced me that with a positive attitude I could go on lineand do this even at the age of 82. He has helped me to learn to use thecomputer and has taken all of my wonderful pictures. Thanks Mike!

Do you make your own designs or use others patterns? Some of my designs are my own and I also use others and adapt them to my ideas.

Who is your favorite pattern designer? Charlotte at Raggedy Hollowmakes patterns that inspire me to develop all sorts of ideas.

How long have you been in business? I have been in business for over 35 years. First I sold through ads in Yankee Magazine when we lived in Vermont. Then when we were transferred to the Chicago area, a friend and I opened a quilt shop called Country house Quilts. A few years later , my husband retired and we opened a shop in Wiscasset, Maine, called The Friend. , where I taught quilting, carried supplies and Jack's unique tinware.

What are your best selling items? The dolls, especially the one named after our dear daughter, Wendy who died at the age of 32. The miniature quilts made by my sister Sandi, and a new picture in Americana with red, white and blue yo-yos and a background of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Any tips for making specific items stand out among others? I always told my quilters that color, neatness and use of the very best quality fabrics were important. I would add to that to make your craft unique.

Do you advertise? Where? I advertise on my links and through Primitive Times magazine. When I can afford to I will do other advertising.

Do you have a blog? Yes but it is in the developing phase.

Any hobbies? My hobbies are reading , quilting and now of course my on line business.

Tips for crafters just starting out on line? I have only been on line for a short time so my answer is: don't be discouraged, just keep on working. It just takes time.

Do you sell at craft shows? Tips? Yes, I do and I would say that it is very important to cover your tables as attractively as possible but not to detract from your display. Your display should be as clever as possible and you should greet everyone cheerfully.

Is there anything else you'd like to add? I admire all the mothers who are able to juggle children, a job and their craft too. Kudos to you!

A note from Nonnie's son Mike in regards to the interview:

We're extremely proud of mom and appreciate your interest. Thank you! Mike Hayden

Here are a few of Nonnie's favorite sellers

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An Amish Quilt

This Amish quilt is a knockout. Hand quilted, made with Amish colors, and sure to please collectors. 16" x 16".

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Americana YoYo

This bit of Americana is a dozen yoyo's in antiqued red, white, and blue on a background of the pledge of allegiance to our flag. Framed in an old red frame. 9" x 11"

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Wendy is our angel. She loves blue. She collects whales and this is her favorite. She holds the key to our hearts and she is always happy and smiling down on us from heaven.

Be sure and visit Nonnie's online Shoppe where you are bound to fall in love with one or more of her wonderful items!

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