Friday, August 10, 2007


I've been busy this week making some scarecrows. My intention was to put one in my shoppe and the other on eBay, but when two of my daughters saw them, they wanted one, so I gave them each one. They don't very often say they want something that I've made ( well, that's not entirely true, they both want me to make them a tray of the fabric cinnamon buns and Carey wants some more prim snowmen). They always offer to pay me for them, but I don't charge my daughters!! I prefer to give them as gifts of love. Deana has already hinted that she would love some Santa's but I haven't even started on those yet.

Anyway, here are the two scarecrows I made for my daughters. Now I want one too. I attached some jute rope on the back of the heads so that they can hang from a door hanger - or they can be propped up and displayed. Carey is going to hang hers and Deana isn't.

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Both scarecrows have stained heads and Deana's feet and hands are stained, Carey wanted hers nonstained. With Deana's I stained the entire body. It was too large to fit inside my oven to dry and it had been raining for days so it took forever to dry. After finishing it up I realized I just wasted my time doing the entire body because you can't even see the arms, legs or tummy. Even the head didn't need stained as their is a head covering that goes over it. When I did Carey's I only stained the head covering. Saved lots of time. When I make my own, I will do the same thing but I will also just stain the lower hands and feet, not the entire body.

These were fun to make. The pattern is a 'my sister and i' pattern. The scarecrows are 24 inches tall. A really nice size.

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  1. hello. you are so talented. i tagged you on my blog. thanks